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Pulling Back the Curtain

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George W. Bush couldn’t have become President without the genius of Karl Rove, the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain and the man who has become known as “Bush’s Brain”.

There would be no War with Iraq without Karl Rove --- because he sold us images of “mushroom clouds over America”, “weapons of mass destruction” and the critical importance of a “War President”.

There would be no Patriot Act without Karl Rove because he convinced America that dissent was the same as disloyalty. He persuaded America that to speak out and question your country meant that you weren’t a patriot, that you didn’t love your country.

Karl Rove was the dark Da Vinci of American politics. He was a master at creating the wedge issue: whether it be gay marriage or national security or patriotism. If he could convince you that the other side was “un-American, he could always come out on top. Karl Rove was a virtuoso when it came to dividing America to elect his candidate.

Whether it was John McCain being “rumored” to have fathered a daughter with an African American prostitute or accusing Georgia Senator Max Cleland, a Vietnam and veteran and amputee, of being soft on terrorism, Karl Rove was a master at “smash-mouth” junkyard dog politics.

BUSH’S BRAIN is a Karl Rove primer. It tells the Rove story from the very beginning— from the time when he was a suit-and-tie-wearing high school nerd orchestrating hardball debates and political campaigns to when he came national leader of the “College Republicans”. It chronicles the life of Karl Rove during the Nixon years, when he learned “dirty tricks” from some of the masters of the craft and then quickly put them to work as a young political operative in Texas campaigns of the late eighties and early nineties – setting up a phony bug in his office and notorious witch hunt of political opponents, sending two men to jail in the process.

Finally, BUSH’S BRAIN takes you on a guided tour of Karl Rove’s undisputed masterpiece of political artistry: the elections of George W. Bush. It shows how he shaped, sculpted and packaged a virtual political novice, tranforming him into the President of the United States in less than a decade.

Through interviews with close friends, former opponents, campaign operatives, politicians, journalists, and political pundits, BUSH’S BRAIN tells the story of how Karl Rove pulled off an American political miracle. It shows how he tutored an unpolished Texas oil man, a son of privilege who never had shown much of a penchant for politics or anything else, a man who had made one ill-advised run for Congress and then hung it up for good.

From his masterful political skills to the secret machinations he carefully orchestrated, Karl Rove has been a new calibration in the idea of a “political advisor”. BUSH’S BRAIN makes an explosive case that Karl Rove was one of the most powerful non-elected official in American history and the first “co-president” of the United States.

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